The Magic of Christmas

Come bring to life the Magic of Christmas into your child’s world this season.  Our Magical Christmas Experience is an exclusive portrait event in our studio located in Renton, Washington.  All sessions take place in September and October.  So you have plenty of time to display your portraits.  Session fee $400 for up to 4 immediate family members. Special Social distancing sessions available.

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Ruth and Kate’s Magical Christmas Experience is one you don’t want to miss.
Let’s end 2020 with good memories and bring back the joy our children deserve!

Our Santa Experience is an interactive creative fine art portrait session designed to give your children one on one time with the Real Santa through storytelling and added magic.  We have special social distance sessions available. Come ready to view your images immediately following your session.  All orders will be ready before Christmas.

What is the Magical Christmas Experience about?

No lines, no hurrying… they will spend time with Santa read a book, have cookies and milk and leave their list safely in his hands.   They will find their name on the nice list and search the globe to show Santa where they live.  From this session we will create heirloom quality images and storybooks that capture their time with Santa for ever.  This is the year to make this happen while they still believe in the magic Christmas has to offer.

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Do I need an appointment for our session?

Yes, you will need an appointment for your Santa Session. We have limited dates in September and October located at our Renton, Washington. You do not have to wait in long lines for hours and your child will have the very unique experience of meeting Santa in Santa’s very own workshop.  This is a private session for you and your family. It is wonderful to watch as we create a interactive story line that your children immerse themselves in.

What do they wear?

This is a special moment for them and one that you will treasure and display on your walls year round.  We suggest dressing up for Santa to keep it magical and timeless.

What happens during a Santa Experience session?

One week prior to your session you will receive in the mail a letter from Santa inviting them to his workshop.  Once there an elf will greet them and take them to our set.  Parents will be able to enjoy the session as they watch.  Once there Santa will arrive and interact them for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes.  During that time they will so many things ending with them giving Santa their wish list  (downloadable here).  All the time our portrait artist will photograph the interactions between Santa and your children.   After their session the elf will take them to a room where they can watch Christmas movies and visit the hot chocolate bar.   Parents will be able to view and order from the fine art images that will be created.

What is the investment?

No purchase is required, however, these portraits are timeless and most can’t leave without something they love.  Long after your children outgrow the magic of Santa you will want to keep these and pass them on to future generations to enjoy.  Our portraits start at $500 and our albums at $1700.  Some families spend $500 while others spend $3500.  Each image you order will have all the magic added.  We do not sell digital files.  Our images are meant to be displayed in your home year round.

What is the late policy?

Please be a few minutes early.  We schedule our sessions back to back all day and our sessions will fill up.  You must be on time or risk forfeiting your session.  Session fees will not be refundable as we still have to pay our staff and Santa for your time.

What is the youngest you will photograph?

Your child must be able to sit up on their own.

What kind of product do you offer?

We offer museum quality framed portraits for the wall and desk prints in sizes 8×10 and 11×14.  We also offer custom storybook albums, warm and cozy fleece blankets and holiday ornaments.

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