Ruth and Kate Portraits-where you can be the Princess of your own Storybook.


How would you like to be the star in this story?  Ruth and Kate Portraits can make your dream come true and turn you into a princess for a day.  You will go on an adventure to find the perfect birthday gift for her mother.

First, you will meet with Ruth and Kate to pick our your perfect couture princess gown from the award winning designer Jennifer, at
Love Baby J Once your custom made gown is ready, you will come back to the studio and have your hair and mak-up done by our professional make-up artist and have your royal photo-shoot in our studio located in Renton, Washington.

Being our princess has its perks!

*A beautiful 10×10 leather bound lay-flat book for display magically appearing in the story.
*An accompanying 8×8 hard cover book to share and read over and over again.
*One 8×10 image ready for you to frame and hang on your wall.
*Light Snack
*Hair and Makeup

And as a special gift, you will be able to take home the gorgeous princess gown you wore.  You’ll be able to be a princess whenever you want.  It’s yours to keep.

If you are ready for the best day of your life please contact us!